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Welcome to Photography By Suzanne

All professional photographers proclaim a passion for the craft of photography. I have an obsession for perfection, and employ three important steps to provide you with portraits of the highest quality.

#1. Creation of Your Professional Photographs

Your professional portrait will be orchestrated with beautiful lighting and pleasing composition from corner to corner. Only the best photographers have the know how to capture beyond the image--my professional photography goes beyond to capture feelings and emotions. Once this vital step is accomplished, step two comes into play.

#2. Enhancement (Retouching) of Your Professional Portraits

In addition to the time it takes to create your images, more hours are spent in extensive, post-production. Every photograph I create is painstakingly enhanced to perfection. This step elevates a great image into an outstanding image.

#3. Professional Printing of Your Photographs

Professional portrait labs (available only to professional photographers) have the equipment, products and highly trained staff to ensure proper printing. Your images will always be printed professionally; for without step three, the efforts of steps one and two are greatly diminished! I offer exquisite, artistic finishes for your portraits which include canvas, watercolor and high gloss metal.


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